A new paradigm for biomedical innovation

MIT linQ is a new collaborative initiative focused on increasing the potential of innovative research to benefit society and the economy. linQ’s portfolio of international innovation programs demonstrates a new paradigm for technology research and training. 

An action-oriented organization, MIT linQ is initially focused on the biomedical innovation—developing new methods to create greater value from research. Read about the linQ Method

Our people and programs bring together healthcare, research, and business to improve healthcare through need-driven research and training. See who’s involved

From concept to consequence: Our programs

MIT linQ programs are built on the principles of collaboration, learning by doing, and a focus on unmet needs.

Immersive programs: We collaborate intensively to bring ideas from concept to venture creation.


Develop innovative technologies and careers for healthcare impact. Learn more


Focus on moving new technologies from proof of concept to proof of value. Learn more


Transition innovations from academic research to new ventures. Learn more

Evolutionary programs: Let us help you move your innovative idea closer to the real world.


Career mentoring for post- and pre-doctoral trainees. Learn more

IDEA² Global

Mentorship and expertise for emerging innovators with an idea for a new technology. Learn more


Training to move new technologies from the lab to the market. Learn more


Focused on healthcare impact: Our results

MIT linQ projects achieve innovation milestones at higher rates and faster paces than international benchmarks.

greater license and option activity and

greater chance of venture creation compared to reference benchmark

linQ’s technology innovation projects address diverse healthcare needs, including Parkinson’s, colorectal cancer, leukemia, scoliosis, dehydration, bipolar disorder, premature birth, heart disease, melanoma, low vision, and multiple sclerosis, among many other urgent challenges.

New strategic research opportunities

Collaborators in MIT linQ programs have a 75% chance of expanding innovation opportunities.

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linQ is driven by participants—everyone involved is active.

linQers represent all communities of the healthcare innovation ecosystem, from university research, to healthcare, to entrepreneurs, industry, and the public sector. It also embraces people at all professional levels, from student to senior leaders.


Expert Advisor
Clinical Innovator
Business Intern

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If you’re ready—to accelerate innovation, to improve healthcare, and to change the research and training paradigm—there is a place for you in MIT linQ.

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