Monitoring Parkinson’s symptoms at home

Project neuroQWERTY announces progress in Parkinson’s detection in recent clinical study Cambridge, Massachusetts—Project team neuroQWERTY published their latest findings today in Scientific Reports, announcing positive evidence from clinical studies that their innovative technology might be able to detect early signs of Parkinson’s disease through ordinary keyboard use. Read more Computer keyboard interaction as an indicator of early Parkinson’s disease Team neuroQWERTY is developing a technology … Read More

IDEA² Global holds first Impact Proposition Workshop at MIT

Teams collaborate over 2 days with diverse experts to refine their research ideas for innovation impact IDEA² Global teams met at MIT on September 19–20 for the first Impact Proposition Workshop.  CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS—16 teams of biomedical innovators met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the inaugural Impact Workshop of the IDEA2 Global program. IDEA2 Global, part of MIT linQ, is ... Read More

MIT linQ announces first class of IDEA² Global teams

Innovation mentorship program includes 15 international teams developing new biomedical technologies Teams win 6-month innovation training and project mentoring from innovators at MIT and other world-class institutions New technologies range from biomimetic materials for cardiac care to smart toilets for chronic disease management BOSTON, 21 July 2016—MIT linQ, an international biomedical technology innovation consortium based in the Massachusetts Institute of … Read More