linQ comprises a portfolio of international innovation programs focused on transforming the academic research paradigm—to accelerate the impact of research on our health and wellbeing.


Needs focused

Regardless of the stage of maturity of the research project, there is a relentless focus on closing the gaps to meet a real-world need.

Learning by doing

The methodology and training are advanced through direct experience working together to drive research from discovery (of needs or science) toward real-world impact.

Diverse representation

Participants comprise diverse disciplinary and professional experience, such that the full value chain is represented in a meaningful way.

The linQ Method

“Explore, Imagine, Build” process

This process is iterative and progressive. Explore: Define, document, and defend the selection of target areas of real-world impact. Imagine: Conceive solutions that would materially influence the future. Build: Do it! Create a plan, demonstrate feasibility, de-risk the imagined solution.

Sustained involvement

All programs are implemented by a cadre of “faculty” who actively participate throughout and thereby provide continuity and an opportunity for continuous improvement and cross training. These faculty include traditional PhD-level “professors” as well as practitioners (business executives, engineers, physicians, etc.).

Professional framework

Teams & collaboration: It is the exception for an individual to be solely responsible for impactful contributions.

Accountability: While learning is an integral element of our programs, participants are held accountable to deliver results.

Professional growth: All involved have an opportunity to contribute and to learn.


linQ is built on an expandable set of organizational nodes. Nodes have operational responsibility for one or more linQ offerings.

linQ nodes




linQ activities are supported through philanthropy, contracts, and grant funding.

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